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would have to be an expert to pry the door open while it was on another floor. we noticed while looking at another bart elevator if you can get inside, there is a ladder in the shaft you could use to get on total variety. the only other point of entry, officials can think, is the elevator hatch door. even that would require someone giving him a boost or chiming up on the railing. by all accounts it seems to be a very uncommonplace to seek shelter. >> i don't know man, the first time i ever heard of it. >> officials have closeed the internal elevator so if you handicapped and you need to get from the bart platform to the muni platform you need to use another station. the elevator that gets you to the street level is open and it will be closed until march 20th. they have notified state inspectors to come out here and take a look before they re-open it. live in san francisco for amy hollyfield.
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>> thanks. we have breaking news from the south bay where a william's -- woman's boned was -- tracks and caltran says there is no northbound station teen two stations until 2:30 today. more breaking news, a 4.7 earthquake shook a wide area of southern california before 10:00 a.m. a. the epicenter was south of palm springs in imperial county. people if downtown los angeles, orange county, and san diego felt the shaking. so far there have been no reports of damage or injuries but several after shocks. >> we have breaking news in daly city where police have just announceed an arrest in a deadly car crash that killed three members of the same family saturday night west of 280. two cars were involved in the crash. police just announceed 28 -year-old man is under arrest
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in homicide charges. the three victims died at the scene. another passenger is still in the hospital. >> the c.h.p. is investigating a deadly accident in discovery bay. a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car shortly after midnight. it happened eastbound highway four and the victim died at the scene. the c.h.p. said the driver did stop and is cooperating with the investigation. >> developing news from the south bay right now, san jose police are investigating that city's 9th homicide of the year that happened around 4:30 this morning. police say that someone called 9-1-1 to report a man was shot. the victim died at the scene. investigators are researching tout neighbors with home security system to see if the shooting was caught on video. >> firefighters in oakland douse add fast-moving house fire near the airport. we remain over the home on hunter avenue near eldorado
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street. firefighters will sanctioned parts of the road and that is dangerous. the oakland police officers called the fire after spotting heavy shot and flames coming from the home. firefighters got the flames out but the home was damageed. >> happening right now, san jose is now home to the nation's biggest increase in the minimum wage. the bay hike makes minimum wage workers there the third highest in the nation behind san francisco and senator -- santa fe, new mexico. >> sue? >> starting today in san jose you will start seeing a lot more advertising and decals that say "earn and spend in san jose" in the business windows because of the minimum wage increase, businesses say they really want you to now focus your spending. >> as san jose's minimum wage jumped to $10 an hour, today a
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new push to keep that money close to home. >> we would like people to spend their pennies here and try to support the businesses that pay the higher minimum wage. >> it is why labor and business leaders are urging those would voted for that wage hike, to support the city business. >> about 18 percent of the workforce, 69,000 employees, might be impacted by this. >> the restaurants such as pizza my heart started paying $10 an hour in december but the owner admits menu items went up 3 percent to offset the costs and at city bagels employees are already paid $10 or more an hour. >> my boss is really good to us and been paying us $10 from before the law. i didn't know it just started now. >> those that will see a bigger paycheck, a little more money,
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they say, will help with daily expenses. >> i can help out my parents. my dad had to work two jobs. i feel happy. feels like a relief. >> the businesses that may choose to violate the $10 minimum wage policy could potentially face fines. san jose city equity assurance department will investigate all phone calls from workers if san jose where people are not getting their full $10 an hour. >> and three cities are considering laws to reduce the use of plastic bags including a council member voting on whether to ban plastic bags. if approved it would take effect next in. can saturday close will adopt an ordinance tonight requiring the use of reusable bags throughout the city. palo alto could expand the existing bag ban to include
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restaurants and require a charge for paper bags. both the san car rose and palo alto measures take effect in july. >> technicians at the vatican are installing cell phone jamming equipment to make sure the secret vote is secret. they usually last two or three days and we we can know the new leader by the end of the week. marcy reports. >> the meetings over the time for deliberation ending. tomorrow the cardinals beginning the process of electing a new pope. >> the day begins with the 115 cardinals moving town their private rooms, isolated home during the course of the conclave. they will celebrate mass at st. peter's before taking a oath to faithfully and secretively observe the rules of the election. in afternoon they enter the chapel to cast their first ballots. >> when you go with your ballot paper in hand, and hold it up in
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front of the altar and call on the lord jesus who will be my judge to witness that i am voting for the one i believe to be worthy that is, really, a moment of intense emotion. >> lead candidate still has not emerged but dead an italian newspaper called new york's cardinal the shadow candidate saying he has the support of americans and other cardinals who want someone who is not a vatican insider who is energetic and charismatic. >> there is a great crowd here, let's do two collections. we do no -- that in new york. >> the curtains are now hanging behind the ball contain over looking st. peter's square where the new pope will emerge. there will be one round of voting tomorrow, and the ballots will be burned g we see white smoke it means a new pope selected and black smoke means
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voting goes on into a second day. >> still ahead, one of the most powerful women in silicon valley speaks to abc7 news on the controversy surrounding her new book, what she wants women to start fighting for. >> queen elizabeth is making history today and we will tell you about her stand on women
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>> the chief operating officer of facebook has a controversial book "lean in, women, work and the toll lead." kira klapper talked with her about why the book is putting her in the middle of a heated debate. >> she has been criticizeed by women for claim leg is a gap define working men and women when it comes to the ambition to lead. i got the opportunity to talk to her today and she says women need to be more assertive in years and gain confidence, ask for raises, and take leadership roles. >> i want to try to change the conversation from what we cannot to do what we can. no matter how much progress we have made women are far from having seats at the table where most decisions are made from the corporate boardroom all the way to the pta meeting, our voices are not equally heard. >> facebook coo says she wants to create a movement, and is focusing on action and progress among women who have been stuck for the last 10 years, citing that only 15 percent of the top
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jobs in corporate america belong to women and only 4 percent of stay at home parents are men. >> we are still held back by the stereotypes. the national retailer printed wunsies for kids for the boys, smart like daddy, and the girls, pretty like mommy. that was just two years ago. in her book she says that too many working women hold themselves back preventing their own success because they are conditioned to cheese being appreciateed over assertive. >> we call our daughters bossy but not our sons. we need to say she has executive leadership skills. >> she is criticized for candor and admits it comes because of her extraordinary success. she says that should not cause people to discount her. instead, it should make them lean in. >> we assume our sons will lead and our daughters will nurture. it would be a better world if everyone could do what they were
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passionate about. >> in addition to being facebook c.o.o. she a member of the board at walt disney that owns use. she will be on "katie" today at 3:00 and "nightline" both right here on abc7 news. eric? >> thank you. britain's queen elizabeth will sign a new charter supporting equal rights for women and gay people. the queen usually steers clear of making political decisions but in a break with tradition, she is expected to take a stand against discrimination today, the first time queen elizabeth has openly supported gay rights in her 61 year reign, the monarch's first public appearance since she was hospitalized with a stomach infection last week. >> and mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. happy monday. >> it is happy monday with a sky like that to wake up to and to look forward to for the rest of the week. we will talk about the clouds and a chance of cooler weather
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and see if we will hit record highs. >> plus, new details about a major study of concussions in pro football and what scientists are hoping to achieve. >> could an people a day keep
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the nfl is revealing details of a major study of sports concussion which have affected several high profile football players in the last year. nfl star took his life in may and doctors found he suffered from traumatic brain injury. in november, alex smith was replaced as quaterback after suffering a concussion. scientists are speaking with abc7 news about the major goals of the nfl study. >> better tools to use to diagnosis a concussion or traumatic brain injury. are there different type of protective devices that allow us to continue to play the sports we love but in a safer fashion? >> in addition to new brain
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imaging techniques he says researchers want to develop new blood tests, ideally they could be used on the side lines to diagnose brain injury. >> researchers at stanford say aspirin can ward off skin cancer after following 60,000 caucasian post menopausal women and those who took a regular dose lowered their risk of skein -- skin cancer by 20 percent. >> and mike nicco is looking at a lovely warm weather forecast. >> sunburn is something to think about with the sun getting higher and higher and stronger and we want to be outside. want to keep the beautiful? sunscreen is the rule. you can see with the live doppler 7 hd how dry it is. look at this, temperature from emeryville or a picture of emeryville to san francisco where the temperature is 58
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along with oakland and 56 in san jose, and walnut creek and mill valley, 63 and 64 and palo alto is 356 degrees. looking from mount tamalpais you can see a few of the high clouds adorning our sky headed into the afternoon hours and right now 59 in santa rosa and napa and 55 and fairfield, cooler at 52, and livermore, 356, and gilroy is 58 degrees. here is what i think will happen. high clouds. sunshine today. the warmth from yesterday we will build on it. tomorrow. and it will climax on wednesday with a cooling trend in the weekend but i don't see any rain in the forecast. if you are thinking you need the sprinkler system, probably a good time to turn it on and get your car washed. san jose is five degrees warmer-than-average a big story for today, redwood city, six, and same for oakland. livermore is nine degrees warmer-than-average. you get extra hour to enjoy
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height. and to the north we have sinking or compressing hair drying out the atmosphere and allows it to heat up. the drawback is we will have high amounts of tree pollen today all the way through the weekend. check owe the temperatures: 72 in san jose. morgan hill and gilroy and santa cruz and los gatos at 74. well start in the 70's on the peninsula and hit the mid-to-upper 60's. mid-to-upper 60's downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and low 60's at your beach. 70 in oakland. surging to 70 and everyone else on the east bay shore is in the upper 60's. 69 in san ramon and everyone else is low-to-mid 70's as we head through the east bay valley. if you are traveling the state, look at this, nothing going on, most of the clouds near the coast, a few clouds around eureka at 53 and 55 at tahoe and
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mid-70's through the central valley and 77 in los angeles, to 84 in palm springs. bring it back home for tonight you can see the patchy fog around the bay, the north bay, and near the coast again, and how mild the temperatures are, low-to-mid 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's to the bay and the coast. here is the seven-day outlook, we will be two to four degrees warmer today, about the same on wednesday, where some inland neighborhoods could touch 80 while we are mid-70's around the bay and mid-60's at coast and slightly cooler weather for thursday and friday and the increase clouds saturday and sunday and the temperatures are back where they should be, and that system on saturday and sunday, hopefully, will bring scattered snow showers to the sierra. but it is dry. >> thank you, mike. new this morning, barbara walters is setting the record straight about the future of the "view" chopping down rumors that a co-host was being fired and denied she was being pushed off the show because of conservative views.
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barbara walters confirmed that joy will leave the show in august after 16 years. >> still ahead, americans are saying "i do" to more expense of weddings. >> how much couples are
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>> at 3:00, the chief operating officer of facebook is talking about her new book called "lean in" and at 4:00, the warning for parents to keep small reptiles and am filibuster -- amphibians away from children. new ads running on buses in san francisco that portray muslims in a negative light, shocking ads. that is at 4:00 and 5:00 today on abc7 news.
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>> brides and grandmothers are spending were more money to get married than in the past. wedding website shows that the acknowledge price of a wedding is at the highest point since 2008. >> so the recession is over, right? couples spending more than $ $28,000 for the big day. >> here in the bay area they spend over $5,000 -- 35,000. in manhattan, guess what? you would pay up to $77,000 on average, for the wedding. >> you could buy a house in some places. or a car. the house might la
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody. and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a writer from phoenixville, pennsylvania, who has already decided on what he's going to do with all the money that he wins. he wants to build his very own man cave. please welcome alex cabot. hey, alex. >> thank you! thank you. >> okay, you want a space in your home that's designated for you. >> i do. my lovely wife, patti, is a very organized person. and every square foot of our house, with the exception of the unfinished basement, is pretty much a is pretty much accounted for up to this point. >> okay. >> so once i win plenty of money today, i'm gonna finish the basement and get a little zone there that's just for me. >> and what do you put in that zone that makes it a real man cave? what does it have to have? >> it's got to be very dimly
11:29 am
lit, plenty of dark leather furniture, which will be great, maybe a big screen, some stadium seating with the built-in cupholders... >> oh, yes. very nice. >> very excited about that. and maybe a wet bar or two, depending on how it goes. we'll see what happens. >> and then you're gonna spend your weekends down there. >> yeah, most likely, yeah. >> okay. >> yeah, that's the plan. [laughter] >> i have a feeling patti might have some ideas of her own. so we'll find out. >> probably. >> but for now, let's see the money in your round 1. >> all right. >> okay, computer, please randomize the dollars. here are the categories to your questions. and, computer, please randomize those categories. and now that everything is all shuffled there, are you ready? >> i'm ready, meredith. >> audience, are you ready? >> do it! [cheers and applause] >> let's play millionaire. good luck, alex. >> thank you. >> going for the man cave. the geographic term for an outlying part of a country surrounded entirely by another country can be found in what suv model name?

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